• Camino a Nueva Aldes Km 8 Quillón, VIII.

R.JELINEK L.A. – S.A. is specialised in buying up fruits and the subsequent production of fruit distillates and their sale in large-volume packages (mainly Williams pear brandy). 100 % of the production is destined for the European Union market. The main export markets are Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Chile, together with China, Argentina and the Republic of South Africa, belongs to the biggest producers of pears outside Europe. The pears harvested in Chile are of a high-quality, with high sugar content at the same time, and are ideal for the production of pear distillate.


At present, the subsidiary company in Chile owns total land area of 173 ha. In 2012 planted the company 3 hectares with the pear trees, where the soil was cultivated during 2010 and in 2011 was founded new pear orchard nursery, and 4.5 ha more are planed for 2013. The Williams variety is the maximum representation here; about 10% of trees is of the Packhams variety for reasons of pollination. The orchards are equipped with irrigation systems.

The main fruit growers’ intention is to cultivate the agricultural land of the area of about 140 ha and founding the main pear orchard there. The selection of the locality took already place, and the company has bought during 2011 the plots at a distance of 40 kms from the distillery.